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India tours Travels and Holiday Packages - We organise Small to Large Group India tours, Independent Family Travel to India and Women only travel tours throughout India, Nepal and Bhutan from / to Any Indian City / Airport / Railway Station. Experience the Essence of Incredible India with us. The Professional, Reliable and Friendly attention from the moment you picked up until you were dropped off at the airport.

INDIA - The magical country !  India is lands of contrasts carry nearly 5000 years old civilization & History. Bounded by the world’s top’s magnificent Himalayan mountain ranges in the North and spectacular coastline surrounded by ( three sea ) Bay of Bengal, Arabian sea & Indian ocean in the South.
India’s landscapes, historical Heritage sites, incredible palaces & ancient Monuments, 2000 years old ancient temple, Royal cities, Golden beaches, Misty mountain retreats, Indian high Himalayan Adventures & Safaris, Sandy deserts, Greenery and magnificent Backwaters.  World famous Spa, ancient Yoga and Ayurveda. More than 200 wildlife sanctuaries and about 100 of them are classified as National Parks. Varied Religion, amazing Festivals, Tradition & rich Culture, colorful People & Tribal communities.  Approx. every 800 kms you cross throughout the Nation you will find new Faces, different languages, food habits, unique Dressing style, rhythm of festivals and cultures. 28 World Heritage Sites by UNESCO (United Nation Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization) all combined it says " INCREDIBLE INDIA "

The Landmass of India is one of the most varied in terms of its Geographic location features, climatic ranges and bio diversity, which makes a rich nation that prides itself and World’s beautiful travel destination for unforgettable Holiday, Leisure.

We Promise, 
Traveler's to our country and state are our honored guest. To provide true services and warm Hospitality is fresh & pure like pray to God. It is our duty and responsibility to protect their interest and to serve them best of our ability. Understanding traveler’s needs and values we shall ensure that they feel safe, secure, comfortable, and enjoyable and are well taking care at all the times. We are country’s goodwill ambassador and will adhere to the highest code of conduct. We will not allow anything or anyone to tarnish the image of our state and country in any manner and also always honors your trust, with short period which makes us today one of the Leading Travel & Tourism Brand in India.

Pranesh Chakraborty
CEO, Kalpadeep Holidays | India

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