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Madhya Pradesh Tour Packages

It is the heart of India that is filled in rich cultural heritage and many iconic monuments, scenic landscapes, wildlife, hospitable warmth and some delicious cuisines that you should not miss. The state is fast growing into an innovative hub and has many clean cities that it can boast of. The vast geographical expanse of the state makes it the second largest in India. You will find a variety of terrains like plateaus, mountains, waterfalls, dense forests and others. It also hides beneath the deepest of Indian traditions that have had huge impact on the historical significance of India. Here lie the oldest temple ruins of Khajuraho and the wilderness sites such as Kanha and Bandhavgarh. There are also many legendary cities with forts and palaces like Mandu, Sanchi, and Gwalior.

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The Culture

The local traditions, people, heritage, history, cuisine, handicrafts, performing arts, dressing style even the language of a region defines that particular place. One of the famous textiles that the state is known for is the fabrics called Chanderi, Dabu, Tussar Silk and the famous Maheshwari Silk. The history and culture are the most prominent influencing factors that have caused Madhya Pradesh to have its unique taste and cuisines. The culture of amazing flavors has also resulted in being cuisine categories differentiated by regions like Malwa, Nimar, Bundelkhand, Mahalkhosal, and Bhopali. The folk dances in Madhya Pradesh are exquisite and some of the popular ones are Gaur, Muria, Sugga, Saila, Karma, Kaksar and Chithirai. 

Things to do :

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